B2B Partnering Opportunities

Futureproof is currently identifying a select group of financial institutions as initial Product Issuers in United Kingdom and  Australia ahead of market launch in late 2022, to be followed by other key markets in Asia, USA, Canada and Europe.

Eligible financial institutions hold a minimum parcel of reserved partner non-voting shares in Futureproof.  

This select group of financial institutions may enjoy preferential terms including first-to-market advantage secured by a period of licensed exclusivity.

Whilst product issuers are generally market-specific, key global partnerships are also being, separately, entered into for the provision of technology, reinsurance, wholesale mortgage funding, mortgage warehousing and securitization services to support the launch of a new form of equity release mortgage – our Equity Preservation Mortgage™

Financial institutions

Product Issuers

Futureproof is not a retailer of mortgages or financial products as a product issuer.

Being proprietary intellectual property, our Equity Preservation Mortgage™ equity release mortgage and our 1st Generation Futureproof financial products are made available under license only to regulated financial institutions:

  • retail banks
  • neo-banks & digital challengers
  • life insurers
  • credit unions
  • friendly societies
  • mutuals
  • wealth managers

Partner financial institutions may write an unlimited number of Equity Preservation Mortgage™ equity release mortgages on their balance sheet and brand white-labelled Futureproof financial products.

Other partners

Mortgage Insurance

The supporting Borrowers Mortgage Insurance program that supports our Equity Preservation Mortgage™ equity release mortgage is operated by a related entity of Futureproof. 

Mortgage insurance may only be offered through this program.

Mortgage insurance risk is underwritten by our accredited partners being:

  • mortgage insurers
  • captive insurance program
  • international reinsurers

Mortgage funding

Licensed partners can take Equity Preservation Mortgage™ equity release mortgages off-balance sheet through a supporting RMBS program, using:

  • mortgage warehousing
  • securitization SPV

The wholesale mortgage funding program is managed by our accredited partners, being

  • program manager
  • local investment banks
  • global investment banks

Technology partner

Futureproof has entered into an exclusive global B2B collaboration with the world’s largest innovation thought-leadership, professional services and technology group – a trusted partner of hundreds of financial institutions world-wide.

The Product Plug-in through which our Equity Preservation Mortgage™ equity release mortgage is written, is a platform-enabled business owned, operated and supported by Futureproof’s global partner, for:

  • cloud hosting (Tier 1)
  • software development & support
  • platform integration
  • strategic consulting & business transformation

Enterprise applications

Futureproof’s technology platform is not an end-to-end mortgage processing platform but a Product Plug-in.  It is operated as a PaaS and provided to financial institutions under a per-mortgage subscription licence.

This simpler architecture enables a direct product plug-in to open-banking and open-insurance systems or interface to existing technology stacks via secure API’s, including:

  • core banking platforms
  • core insurance platforms
  • wealth management platforms
  • mortgage processing platforms
  • CRMs

Contact us for more information about licensing our IP and partnering with Futureproof